Ryanair will go on strike

The crew of the crew has not reached an agreement with the management 


Finally the crew of Ryanair will go on strike, as they had announced, by not reaching an agreement with the management of the company. This Wednesday and Thursday they will meet to decide which days they do the stoppages, being able to affect a great part of the aerial movements. 


The crew of the crew  had given the deadline until midnight last Saturday to the address of the airline to meet their demands , expired on this date and without reaching an agreement, now decide when they leave their jobs as measure of pressure, hoping that once the machinery is put into operation, the company gives a favorable response to the workers. Its intention is to call the strike giving a notice greater than that required by law-ten days, which would leave some more room for negotiation with Ryanair’s management.


This strike directly affects Ryanair in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium, and although the date of the strikes is still unknown, in some countries the legislation prohibits mobilizations during periods of high mobility.


Lanzarote, the strike and Rayanair


This announcement of the crew of the low-cost company would make an important contribution to the island of Lanzarote, that one more summer looks with concern at the good of tourism and therefore of the economy, after the strike of the last year in the Tourist Centers , which left more than 3 million euros of losses in 21 days that the strikes lasted. 


The English company of low cost, displaces every year to Lanzarote to more than 2 million tourists,being half of them of Anglo-Saxon origin. In addition, the holidays of the Lanzarotens who have hired through the company are also jeopardized, seeing themselves without the possibility of leaving the island, at least with Ryanair. 


A strike of more than 5,000 cabin workers of aircraft that puts at risk the future of tourism and air traffic, practically, all over the world.