It is expected that the change of signage will  only take a few days and that by the end of the week or the beginning of the next it may already be open


The City of Arrecife announced on Monday the signing of the decree by the mayor of Arrecife, Ástrid Pérez, to proceed with the opening of the Avenida de Arrecife. But how will this process and how long it will take to change the signage to authorize the passage of vehicles in this area.




Speaking to LANCELOT DIGITAL, Ástrid Pérez indicated that the Avenida would be opened, in a single direction, as soon as the new road signs were completed in the avenues La Marina, Mancomunidad, Blas Cabrera Felipe, and Ruperto González Negrín. The mayor affirmed in this sense that it would be “only a few days” the time it would take the signaling change, with which it is very likely that by the end of the week or the beginning of the next one it will be open to traffic this way.




Thus, as soon as the department of Roads and Works of Arrecife has proceeded to the installation of the horizontal and vertical signage of relevant traffic, which can now be executed with the mandatory authorization reflected in the decree initialed this Monday, the next opening of La Marina Avenue to road traffic, in the west-east direction, and restricted in the east-west direction.




In agreement with the indications of the mayor, the Councilor for Transport and Mobility, Ángela Hernández Cabrera, has ordered, by decree, proceed to the withdrawal of the current signaling and proceed to the installation of the new road signs to authorize the traffic shot in the direction of Playa del Reducto towards the Puente de las Bolas, while continuing to maintain public transport services along this avenue.




The problem may be, as highlighted by the City Council, in the horizontal signage (pedestrian crossing, etc.) that must be ordered from an external company and therefore depend on when the work starts to open sooner or later. The rest, horizontal signage, corresponds to the municipal department of Works.








By allowing, for now, only one direction, the City of Arrecife wants to guarantee safety conditions in the face of the foreseeable increase and intensity of traffic in the area since circulation is free and permitted, even in a unique sense, given the high level of execute new works on the sidewalks to adapt a road in two directions. Therefore, the new group of Government of Arrecife allows circulation according to the current state of the avenue where recent transformation works were carried out, as indicated in the decree communicated Monday to the departments of the City Council.




According to the municipal resolution, signed this Monday, July 8, it will be prohibited to enter this stretch of the Avenida Marítima to any vehicle that exceeds 7.00 meters in length and 2.20 meters wide . For this, a new signage will be located near the Arrecife Grand Hotel roundabout, next to the Reducto beach.




As for the east-west direction (Puente de las Bolas towards Playa del Reducto), the entrance will be prohibited, except for certain authorized vehicles (buses, taxis and waste vehicles) , which will be duly identified. To this end, the Roads and Works Area will proceed to the implementation of the relevant signage with El Puente Street, in the vicinity of Las Bolas Bridge and Calle Real.




The waste collection vehicles can enter from 22:00 to 07:00 hours and the loading and unloading of goods from 06:00 to 09:00 hours . In when the speed will be limited throughout the stretch at 20 kilometers per hour.




The City Council has authorized the opening of the Maritime Avenue traffic to the west-east of the city in order to “resolve access to the city center”, as well as maintain the “provision of public services” and public transport “in both ways”. The circulation will continue restricted in an east-west direction.




The electoral promise to open the Avenue, which caused so many criticisms and disagreements with the previous mayor, the socialist Eva de Anta, who refused at all times to open this way despite the plenary agreements that indicated otherwise, now has the backing PSOE because “the Avenue as we said is always a responsibility delegable by the mayor, it was the mayor who remains so until the constitution of the new corporation and will be and is a non-delegable competition that will be next Saturday the mayor of Arrecife “, explained Dolores Corujo in the presentation of the government pact subscribed between socialists and popular.