More than 300 deaths due to drowning in Spain this year, more than half of which were in the sea...
A sobering statistic from the Real Federación Española de Salvamento y Socorrismo (RFESS). #SwimSafe

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Real Federación Española de Salvamento y Socorrismo

316 personas han fallecido por #ahogamiento en espacios acuáticos españoles en lo que va de año. #StopAhogados

A snapshot of some of Spain's most popular summer street markets... Any you'd add to this list? If you're off to a market today, enjoy but always remember to keep your valuables safe - unfortunately thieves love crowds.

Los mejores lugares de España para hacer compras al aire libre

The National Crime Agency International Crime Bureau are involved with this Europol #Fugitives campaign.
These EU Most Wanted fugitives could be anywhere Europe - can you help find them?


Dear Europe’s Most Wanted Fugitives 💌,
The police want you back home this summer! Everybody deserves a holiday break , but yours has lasted too long...
We these postcards find you well!👌
Greets, The Police

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An Emergency Travel Document costs £100, and just one moment of distraction is all it takes to lose your passport. Stay alert, watch and share these tips from stealth crime expert and 'honest pickpocket' James Freedman to make sure you don’t get hustled.
#TravelAware #PassportHustle

The FCO have teamed up with stealth crime expert and 'honest pickpocket' James Freedman, to highlight some of the ways in which you could get hustled for you...

If you've been following the issue around false sickness claims, this article explains some of the actions being taken to tackle the issue. If you work here, have false claims affected your business? How do you think such claims affects the reputation of British people living and travelling abroad?

BRITISH AMBASSADOR to Spain, Simon Manley recently wrote to key stakeholders in the Spanish tourism industry informing them of the steps taken by the UK government to tackle fraudulent sickness claims.

If you're thinking of booking a last-minute holiday, read this advice from Action Fraud on how to avoid holiday booking scams: