As of December 1, all residents of the island will be able to travel by unlimited bus for only 20 euros per month.  The price of public transport in Lanzarote will no longer be a reason for not using the service from now on, thanks to the implantation in the island of the Resident Canary Bono that the Autonomous Government has designed . The Cabildo de Lanzarote will start this service next month in order to lower the public land transport of all islands and thus encourage more sustainable mobility in travel.


“A voucher that will be priced at 20 euros, with monthly validity and unlimited travel for the interurban transport of passengers from all over the island and also for the users of the buses of regular passenger transport in Arrecife, thanks in the latter case- to the agreement to be signed between the Town Council and the City Council so that all citizens of the island can benefit without excluding these advantageous conditions and the cheaper price of the ticket, “said the president of the Cabildo, Pedro San Ginés, during the act of presentation of the bond in which he was accompanied by the Minister of Transport and Mobility of the Institution, Patricia Pérez.



Pedro San Ginés said that “this bonus is an extraordinary reduction in the price of the ticket, as never before in public transport.”

Also, the president explained that this price on the island has been achieved “as a result of the increase in the economic contribution of the Canary Islands Government to the Cabildo that reaches 2.4 million euros of the Canary-State agreement for the support and promotion of transport collective on the island of Lanzarote. “

With this contribution from the regional government, “the Cabildo de Lanzarote will lower the final price of the ticket for residents, with a fee that will be applied linearly to all users, in order to encourage the use of public transport in front of the private vehicle, which will result in -in turn- in the reduction of energy consumption and the emission of polluting gases in the displacements by land transport, “said the president.



The Minister of Transport and Mobility, Patricia Pérez, thanked the public service concessionaire, Intercity Bus, “that has also been a participant in this advance and great change for users of public transport on the island” and detailed that “the implementation This bonus will be an important saving for them, benefiting especially the workers of the island who daily move between the different municipalities.

In this regard and as an example, explained that for a resident who goes daily for a month, from Arrecife to Haría and returns, the cost to date of service would be 126 euros (100.8 with the application of 20% current discount for resident rate). Like the one that makes the daily trip from Playa Blanca to Arrecife that would come paying about 144 euros without resident discount ( 115 euros with current discount ).

From now on, the bonus to move on public transport throughout the island, including buses Arrecife, will be 20 euros, with unlimited travel, so the savings in this case will be 106 euros which makes the trip to daily from Arrecife to Haría and 124 euros from the capital to Playa Blanca and vice versa; that is, he will pay a sixth of what he has been paying so far. In the case of students or other groups, which to date benefited from 50% and 30%, respectively, they will also notice the cheapening of the price of the ticket in a considerable way.



The recharge of this bonus will be monthly with a flat rate of 20 euros. The bonus can be requested from December 1 at the offices of the Guaguas de Arrecife Station , in the new Information Office of the Interchange of Guaguas, which is located in the vicinity of the Cabildo, or on the web www.arrecifebus. com.

Those interested must submit a DNI, a copy of the certificate that accredits the Canarian residence and a passport photograph for their expedition. The price for the issuance of this bonus will be 2 euros.