We are often asked three questions – Can I move to Lanzarote after Brexit? – Can I retire to Lanzarote? – How do I become a Lanzarote resident? Below is a guide which we hope helps answer these questions. LBRA

Relocating to Lanzarote: a Guide for non-EU Citizens

There are many reasons to seek relocation in Lanzarote. Breath-taking scenery, a fabulous year-round climate, excellent public services, great food and friendly people are just a few. But how do you go about obtaining a residence permit? The process may seem daunting, but here we offer a handy guide to the residents permits available, and the requirements that need meeting to obtain them…

Residence Permit Options in Spain/Lanzarote:

  1. Student Visa – This is available for people wanting to study or conduct academic research in Spain.
  1. Business Visas – There are two different options. Entrepreneur Visa: This requires a detailed and innovative business plan, demonstrating a commitment to hi-end technology by the applicant’s company. It will need pre-approval from the Ministry of Economy. Self-Employed Work Permit: To be applied for at the Spanish Embassy of the applicant’s home country. A business plan is required, but the criteria is less rigorous.
  1. Non-Lucrative Residency Visa – For living in Spain without conducting economic or professional activity, allowing applicant to live in Spain for 1 year from issue. Renewable for 2 more years if applicant has lived in Spain for 183 days. Applicant must have €26.000+ in a bank account(s) and comprehensive private health insurance with a Spanish company (solely operational in Spain). Applied for at Spanish Consulate in the applicant’s home country. Applicant has 1 month to enter Spain upon issue.
  1. Work Permit (Employee of a Spanish Company) – Highly Qualified Worker Visa: For professionals with a salary of €40.000+ p/a. Regular Work Permit: Valid job offer required. Must be within a shortage area. Applied for at the Spanish Consulate in the applicant’s home country.
  1. Golden Visa – A permanent residency visa, issued to individuals who invest in the country. Either €500.000 in real estate, €1M shares in a Spanish company, or in public debt worth at least €2M. Also at least €30.000, plus €10.000 for every additional family member, plus comprehensive health insurance with full Spanish coverage. Applicants with criminal records are debarred.
  1. Family Member of an EU Citizen Visa – Available through blood ties, marriage, or civil partnership. Lasts 5 years.
  1. Family Regrouping Visa – For those who have obtained residency and have stayed 1 year or more. Applies to immediate and (in certain circumstances) extended family. Please contact us for the list of requirements for the family reunion in Spain.
  1. The Arraigo Procedure – For those having lived in Spain for 3 years illegally but have social roots. Must have been registered at the City Hall without being abroad for more than 120 days. Issued on completion of a Spanish course and a successful interview with social services. Must have a job offer. There are two options. Labour Arraigo: Worked illegally for a  minimum of 6 months. Arraigo Familiar: Parents or children of Spanish citizens. 
  1. Asylum/Red Card – For those who have fled natural disaster or conflict, a red card is granted whilst the applicant’s case is investigated.
  1. EU Blue Card – Issued by the EU to highly qualified professionals. In Spain, the card lasts for 1 year.