The island of Lanzarote continues to exceed 10,000 unemployed in April, a month in which, however, the number of unemployed has been reduced by 511 people compared to March.


In this way, the logical downward trend continues, given the enormous increase in unemployment that the island suffered during the pandemic. Specifically, on the island there are currently 10,203 unemployed.


By municipalities, Arrecife stands at 5,389 unemployed, which means a reduction of 308 people on the unemployment lists; in Haría, there are 14 fewer unemployed, placing the current figure at 334; in the case of San Bartolomé, the number of unemployed is 1,125, 58 less than in March; in Teguise there are 16 fewer unemployed, and the figure is 1,124; in Tías it has gone from 1,118 unemployed to 1,075, that is, it has been reduced by 43 people; in Tinajo it has been reduced by 19, and there are 387 unemployed; and in Yaiza it stands at 769, that is, there are 53 fewer unemployed.


Yesterday the data for the first quarter of the Active Population Survey were known, which indicated that while unemployment is at 13.65% nationally, in Lanzarote it stands at 20.21%, practically the same as in the Canary Islands.


This means that unemployment on the island exceeds the national average by up to 50% and places the island’s data at the bottom of the country.


Economic recovery was one of the keys to this legislature, affected almost from the beginning by the covid pandemic with zero tourism, it is taking time to start, despite the relative improvement in the economic situation.


It must be remembered that 2020 left 18,297 unemployed on the island of Lanzarote, or what is the same, 61.4 percent more than in 2019. The island began that same year with 11,317 unemployed.