The radiotherapy bunker at the Lanzarote Hospital already has everything ready to begin treating patients on December 13, thus making a historic demand of Lanzarote residents a reality.


This Monday, the President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, paid a visit to the bunker, accompanied by the President of the Lanzarote Council, Oswaldo Betancort, the Minister of Health, Esther Monzón, the Vice President of the Government, Manuel Domínguez, and the Head of Oncology. from the Doctor Negrin Hospital, Marta Lloret, among others.


This is a historic moment for the island and a strong demand that the members of AFOL, the association of relatives of cancer patients in Lanzarote, have defended at all times, with its president, Carmen Arrocha at the helm.


The operation of the new facilities will be gradual. The idea is to transfer the doctors who are caring for patients at the Doctor Negrín Hospital in Gran Canaria to the island once a week to care for the people of Lanzarote. The improvement in the quality of life of patients will be immediate, as they will not be forced to move to another island to receive cancer treatment.


Listen to the audios of the authorities attending the event.