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The Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands, Yaiza Castilla, announced this morning in parliamentary committee the launch of the Hub Canarias Destino, a technological tool that will allow the main actors of the tourism sector to be integrated into a single digital platform that it will concentrate all the offer of the destination.


This ‘hub’ or connection center is part of the Canary Islands Destination strategy, promoted by the Ministry through the public company Promotur Turismo de Islas Canarias and which was publicly presented on March 3. The integration of companies and administrations in the ‘hub’ will be essential to shape an innovative, intelligent and sustainable tourism destination platform, which will bring together data, information and services to improve the tourist experience.


“With this platform we will be able to monitor the context at all times to ensure that all links in the tourism chain are focused on offering safety at the destination, activities and products that respect the environment and services with high added value, in order to position the Canary Islands ahead of other tourist competitors “, explained the counselor.


During his speech, Castilla explained that this ‘hub’ is conceived as an open space for collaboration and innovation that will move in two areas. “The first will be related to the information, recruitment, involvement and collaboration of all the protagonists that make up the Canarian tourism ecosystem on the platform, both public and private,” said the counselor. The second will be more focused on promoting and promoting innovation, as well as monitoring technological advances, empowering these actors and enriching the platform.


The first meetings to join companies and institutions have already taken place. “We have held the first meetings with online travel agencies such as Destinia and Logitravel, computer and software companies such as Amadeus and Noray, among many others, as well as with the seven councils to explain our strategy and invite them to join it,” announced the counselor.


Castilla defended the validity of the actions framed in Canarias Destino, “which far from replacing tour operators, what they intend is to join them by making the tourism product visible throughout its entire value chain and thus benefiting all productive sectors of the eight islands “.


For this, the platform will give visibility to the varied offer existing in the Archipelago, facilitating and promoting the consumption of local products and services by tourists. In this way, Turismo de Canarias not only aims to improve the visitor’s stay in the destination, but also to regain sovereignty over the data by having greater knowledge about the buying habits and preferences of visitors, strategic information that will be essential to offer a better experience to tourists and generate value for both the destination and the sector.

A goal that will always be achieved in a context marked by the fight against climate change and a clear commitment to sustainability, as the minister insisted. “Through technological capabilities such as Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things (IoT), this platform will be able to certify to our clients-tourists the degree of local consumption of their product, as well as the measurement of the footprint of carbon and its degree of circularity “, he concluded.