The heat and haze that has lashed these days to Lanzarote, could descend a little to give truce to the pilgrims who will come tomorrow to visit the Virgin of Los Dolores. 


The State Meteorological Agency confirms that for tomorrow, Saturday, the maximum temperatures will fall slightly, being the minimum 21 degrees and the maximum of 28. Around 15.00 the average temperature will be 23 degrees. 


The clouds will make an appearance with some intervals of high clouds in general and some low ones at the end of the day in the north. The wind will be of loose northern component. 


The haze has already begun to subside and it is believed that tomorrow is even less, giving respite to those suffering from respiratory diseases and who received yesterday the notice of the Ministry of Health to avoid going out. 


A pilgrimage that could be a day a little cooler than these days ago, but still we must shelter from the sun, avoid long walks in the direction of Los Dolores in the middle of the day, in addition to hydrate and cover the sun in the extent possible. 

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