The Teguise market, which has been closed for 6 months due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, is already preparing for its new normal.


This is how Eugenio Robayna, Councilor for Markets of the Teguise City Council, explains, “Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the City Council was forced to close the Teguise market, but that does not mean that we are not working to reopen it. We are actively doing it with the market platform ”, he says. “We are designing what the health authorities recommend to us, which is a limited market in the Plaza de la Mareta. There we will do a market for artisans and farmers and a traditional market. On the one hand, some 1,300 people will be able to enter and, on the other, about 800 people


Although they still do not know the opening date due to the outbreaks that have occurred and the new security measures imposed by the Government of the Canary Islands. “We had everything planned to open it this Sunday, August 16, but a note came from the Government of the Canary Islands, from the health authorities, tightening the established rules, so we decided to wait. They advise us to wait for the sprouts that are occurring ”.


But he emphasizes that “we are doing the impossible to open as soon as contagions begin to decrease.”


It also indicates what the reduction in the number of positions is, its reopening will be “one third. In the Villa there are about 450 administrative concessions, about 35 cafeterias and about 40 commercial premises, so you have to calculate a third of all that. That is already agreed with the market platform to make it so. They will take turns, there will be a public and free raffle and as long as the health authorities guarantee that it is possible because they are loosening the infections, we will open ”.


And as for the security protocol “as there are two markets, there will be two entrances and two exits and in both there will be Civil Protection Teguise, Emerlan Teguise, municipal services, maintenance people disinfecting the bathrooms, taking temperature … the idea is to try to control everything to the maximum, “he says.



A long-awaited opening that will depend on how active cases of COVID-19 evolve on the island and that will have a security protocol, as Robayna has commented, since the town’s market is the second most important in Spain, after the Rastro in Madrid, both in number of exhibitors and visitors .