This morning from Tuesday to Wednesday, around 2.00, a boat arrived at the Cantería beach in the town of Órzola in the municipality of Haría with 15  immigrants who have been located, six of them minors. 


The Autonomous Center for Coordination of the Red Cross in the Canary Islands (CAC), coordinated with the Coordination Center for Emergencies and Security 1-1-2 (CECOES), activated the Emergency Immediate Response Team (ERIE) in the field of Humanitarian Aid to Immigrants to collaborate in the arrival intervention of Patera where seven immigrants were located on a principle but a total of 16 were located throughout the morning. 


They involved  a total of 6 volunteers and specialized volunteers to support the intervention of the Red Cross on this device, along with an ambulance and a 4×4 vehicle as well as distribution of food, clothing and blankets.


Another boat in El Golfo


Yesterday, another boat was located on Bermejo beach, in the Gulf area, although there is no sign of immigrants. The boat, about 5 meters in length, was found about noon and inside were several gas bottles full and empty.