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A total of 32 hotels and 62 non-hoteliers remained open in February and had a total turnover of 2.3 million

The average occupancy per room did not reach 14%, with a total of 10,908 tourists staying, compared to the 228,757 that Lanzarote received a year ago

The alert level 4 that Lanzarote was at throughout the month of February did not prevent tourists from arriving on the island, although the reduction was 95% compared to the same month the previous year. In total, 10,908 people stayed in hotel and non-hotel establishments on the island in February, compared to 228,757 in the same month of 2020, according to information compiled by the Cabildo’s Data Center.

The figure also represented a reduction of more than half compared to January of this year , when 22,251 tourists stayed in Lanzarote. It was in the middle of that month when Lanzarote began to climb its alert level, passing in two weeks from level 1 to level 4. And this caused several establishments to close their doors.

Of some 260 hotel and non-hotel establishments on the island, only 114 were operating in January and in February the figure dropped to 94. In total, 32 hotels of the 78 on Lanzarote and 62 non-hotel complexes remained open in February. of the 182 that had opened just a year ago, before the pandemic was declared. Compared to the previous month, in February nine hotels and 10 more non-hoteliers closed.

In terms of places, this meant that 22,572 were offered on the island in February, compared to 33,498 in January and 71,307 in February 2020. And their occupation did not reach 14%. Specifically, it stood at 13.79% of rooms or apartments (11.1% of beds), compared to 12.13% in January 2021 and 79.80% in February 2020.

Those 114 establishments that remained open in February entered a total of 2,388,752 euros, again also with a decrease compared to the previous month of almost one million euros, although distributed among fewer hotels and aparthotels. A year ago, with all the establishments open, the sector’s income was more than 57.8 million euros , which was a figure that had been reaching and even exceeding every month.

In addition to the occupation, the crisis has also lowered prices. A year ago, the average rate in Lanzarote was 85.94 euros (100 euros in hotels and 63 in non-hotel establishments), and in February it was 63.13 euros (70 in hotels and 46 in non-hotel establishments).