Little by little, the activity begins to come alive at the César Manrique Airport in Lanzarote. In fact, about thirty flights were scheduled for this Tuesday, a third of which are of British origin.

The president of the Lanzarote Tourism Federation, Susana Pérez, had already announced that the opening of the British and Irish market, which took place this past Monday, has already begun to be noticed, and tourist reservations have increased by 25%.

From that same Monday, Easyjet and British Airways connectivity was restored and Jet2 started operating again.

This Tuesday the arrival of national flights from Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, three from Madrid, one from Asturias, one from Malaga and another from Seville is scheduled; In addition, from England, two flights will arrive from Nottingham, one from Bristol, two from London, one from Leeds, one from Birmingham, another from Newcastle and one from Manchester.


Three flights will arrive from Ireland from Dublin and one from Belfast.


From Germany there will be flights from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Eindhoven, Münster and Hamburg.


In addition, flights from Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Brussels and Milan are scheduled to arrive.


In any case, and despite the evident increase in the number of seats, this does not mean that the flights arrive full on the island. In this sense, the occupation still does not exceed sixty percent of the places. In all probability, and if the pandemic does not make things take a new unexpected turn, the data will improve as the summer progresses and in August the occupation will be higher.