The Lanzarote Business and Residents Association was formed in 2008 and it exists for everyone, residents, non residents, property owners, business owners or people who just like Lanzarote and want to be part of a group of people who have all one common goal, having a say in its future and ensuring Lanzarote is a safer and better place for everyone and for its continued economic growth for the future of its next generations.

We are a non profit making organization whose aim is to promote tourism in Lanzarote and support and work with the community.

We work with many European companies and associations to attract new business to the island. We work closely with all of the local councils and government offices and attend regular meetings with these and other people to ensure we keep up to date with what is happening here. This and any other information we receive is passed to our members. We also hold meetings for our members, training courses, language assistance, coffee mornings and we produce regular newsletter.

We are the only “official” association on the island that offers this type of assistance. We offer two types of membership “Affiliated” and “Business”. Membership is for anyone who wants to be part of a group of like minded people who want to be part of the future islands and for anyone who need help and assistance with translations, health, utility issues, legal and general paperwork matters and day to day advice and assistance. Basically if you have a problem you can contact us and talk with an English speaking person who can help you.

It is the only official association for Europeans on the island, and its continued growth ensures that it remains one of the largest. If you would like to find out more about our membership then please use the form on this site or email