For now, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the consequences related to the rise in fuel, gas and hydrocarbon prices are not having an impact on the arrival of planes in Lanzarote.


Specifically, this Saturday the arrival of 89 flights from the peninsula and Europe is expected, with which adding round trip data translates into 178 operations. In addition, to this must be added the operations on inter-island flights. This figure reaches the top figures for arrivals in Lanzarote, even though Europe is experiencing a certainly confusing situation.


The flights come from the main destinations in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Nordic countries. Tourist employers have already warned that the war in Ukraine may greatly affect the tertiary sector in the Canary Islands, but for now the arrival of aircraft does not slow down.


This is the list of flights that arrive today at César Manrique Airport: Paris 7:55, 9:35, 15:00 this Easyjet and 15:55, Turin 8:35, Lisbon 8:45, Santiago 9:00, Strasbourg 9 :05,Brussels 9:10,16:15 and 17:15,Naples 9:10,Amsterdam 9:40 and 11:20 last Easyjet,Madrid 9:45,13:05,18:15 and 22:30,Milan 9:50 and 11:40 last Easyjet,Eindhoven 10:10 and 12:05,Vienna 10:15,Barcelona 10:25,Leeds 10:25 and 14:10 last Jet2,Liverpool 10:25,Dublin 10:35, 11:15,17:05 and 18:05,Stuttgart 10:35,Berlin 10:50,Bristol 11:00 Easyjet,Manchester 11:10 Easyjet,12:15,12:25 East Jet2,14:45 Jet2 and 17 :35,London 11:10 Jet2,11:35,11:50 East Easyjet,12:30,16:35,18:30,19:05 East Easyjet,19:15 Easyjet and 20:00 Easyjet,Düsseldorf 11: 30 and 14:20, Helsinki 12:20, Bilbao 12:30 and 13:15, Newcastle 12:30 Jet2, Oslo 13:05 and 17:20, Frankfurt 13:15, Birmingham 13:20 Jet2 and 18:45 Jet2 ,Edinburgh 13:30 Jet2 and 16:25 Easyjet,Rotterdam 13:30,Nantes 13:55 and 18:20,Glasgow 14:00 Jet2 and 19:45,Bordeaux 14:20 Easyjet and 18:20,Nottingham 14:45 Jet2 and 19:05,Bratislava 15: 50,Basel-Mulhouse 16:45 Easyjet,Copenhagen 16:50,Niederrhein 16:55,Cork 17:05 and 19:30,Bologna 17:25,Lyon 17:30 and 19:40,Lille 17:45,Catowice 18 :10, Toulouse 6:20 p.m., Alicante 6:55 p.m., Belfast 7:25 p.m. Jet2 and 7:30 p.m. Easyjet, Seville 7:25 p.m., Marseille 7:50 p.m., Malaga 7:55 p.m. and Warsaw 11:20 p.m.