Little by little, normality, now called new normality, tries to reach Lanzarote, although still with great caution. César Manrique airport was experiencing this Sunday the day with the most operations since the start of the pandemic. Tourists return to the island, although for the moment, the number of planes is still far from what would have been normal any other year in July.


Thus, on Sunday three flights to Madrid arrived in Lanzarote at 8:40, 9:20 and 6:45 p.m. another from Bilbao, at 9:00 am; one from Barcelona, ​​at 9:15 am; two from Frankfurt, at 9:35 and 4:25 p.m. another from Hannover, at 9:45 am; one from Bologna, at 10:00 am; one from Luxembourg, at 10:20 am; from Dublin at 10:40 and 17:15: two more from London, 10:40 and 11:25; one from Zurich, 10:50 am; from Milan, 10:55 am; from Valencia, 11:50 am; from Santiago, 2:25 pm; from Dusseldorf, 16:10; Munich, 17:05 hours; Brussels, 17:15 hours; from Stuttgart, 5:20 pm; Shannon at 18:10 and Amsterdam at 18:25.


Almost all German flights correspond to TUI. A day full of movement that allowed those who passed through the airport to feel a true sense of normality, although I still stayed at that, a sensation, since many more planes are missing for the operation of the airport to be normal.