The cars are still parked on the side of the road, not only the one inside but also housed on the shoulder of the highway A fact that is not only a risk for drivers who leave their cars there and have to walk, if not for the rest of the vehicle that circulates through LZ-2.

In addition, the image for the island is affected since seeing dozens of vehicles parked in places where it is not due, generates that Lanzarote is an island of doubtful road safety.

The workers demand that they be allowed a completely free parking , although for some voices this is a rather disproportionate measure since any worker of a company has to pay their monthly parking space if they do not have an adequate and free parking area.



As Lancelot has learned, Aena has assigned to the employees of the stores and restaurants of the aerodrome bonuses with different prices depending on whether they are days or hours. The most expensive would be 22 euros per month. In addition, they placed  large stones to prevent airport workers from parking , in addition to having an area so they could leave the cars.

Apparently, those who park are the workers of the concessionary companies on insular and municipal roads.  Explained the Senator from Lanzarote,  Joel Delgado, in Café de Periodistas  that part of the road is from AENA and has the aforementioned stones to make that parking impossible and the rest is municipal or insular highway and whoever has to guarantee the proper use of the same will be the responsible institutions.

On the other hand, Delgado affirms that the workers of the different companies  have established tariffs so that they can park their vehicles in the parking lot,  and that  “AENA does pay the parking to its workers” , but that should be the companies that operate in the airport who will pay the parking for their workers. The senator also states that there are special rates that range from 22 euros per month “less than the worker who comes to Arrecife and has to put the car in a private parking”.