Meet our new business members….. Alchemistry Molecular Cocktail Bar

We recently met up with new business members Alchemistry Cocktail Bar, newly opened in the Plaza del Arte in Puerto Calero. Of course they are not just your average cocktail bar they are specialists in the art of the extremely popular molecular mixology. For those in the “know” you will already be aware that mixologists create an exciting blend of mixes, science and showmanship. The preparation and presentation is a form of art in itself, which makes the cocktails so spectacular in taste and vision. The choice of cocktails on offer includes alcohol based drinks as well as non alcoholic and the bar also offers a range of beers and quality wines, as well as soft and hot drinks. So if we have whetted your appetite why not find out a bit more about the team behind “Alchemistry”

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Behind the bar from left to right Luca, Manlio and Gianmarco

LBRA. Hi thanks for taking the time to meet us, can you tell us a little more about you and your cocktail bar?

Alechmistry. Yes of course, we are 3 partners, all Italian, two brothers Luca and Manlio Fattopace and Gianmarco Fuso. We opened the bar at the beginning of March and have been amazed by the response so far. Manlio and Luca had the idea to open a bar but it had to somewhere special and different from a normal bar.  Manlio came to Lanzarote in 2014 having previously been working in Italy, here he worked in a number of 5 star hotels and decided this was the place to open a business, his brother Luca joined him later that year and they met Gianmarco through a mutual friend. They were involved in organising a large private party and it was so successful that the three of them realised that by working together they could create something unique and special, as each had different skills. The location was of major importance as they offer a quality product and therefore they had to be based in an area that would reflect that quality and lend itself to their creations and Puerto Calero seemed the ideal setting. They wanted to create an intimate venue in tranquil surroundings where customers can appreciate the quality and philosophy of mixology.  They stress that although they only use quality products the drinks are sensibly priced with an average cocktail costing €6.50.

LBRA. So you each have your own roles?

Alchemistry. Yes, Luca originally studied law and has a degree, and at a later stage studied and qualified as a sommelier. So his role as sommelier is to source quality yet affordable wines. Having a love of music he is also in charge of the great sounds played and uniquely they offer a huge selection of vinyl music. What they love is for people to come in choose their drinks and then choose what music they like to accompany it (sounds perfect)

Manlio studied economics and latterly bar tending and combines his economic background with philosophy to produce wonderful concoctions, which taste and look divine. Whilst there are many cocktails to choose from Manlio is more than happy to discuss individual preferences and create a cocktail to suit your personal preferences. He says when he studied mixology at cocktail school in Naples he learned that “make people a good cocktail and you make people happy”.

Gianmarco studied business management and design and is now responsible for the marketing of the business and promotional material. All three of course under Manlio’s skilful direction can mix cocktails and the three seem to work in perfect harmony.

LBRA. Do you have a signature cocktail?

Alchemistry. Yes two at the moment “Rockefeller Rosemary” and Old Gentlemen”. If people are unsure of what to try they will often opt for the signature cocktails.

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LBRA. The record vinyls are a unique idea how are people enjoying them?

Alchemistry. Very much so, its very popular it is something different and we encourage people to come in and browse through the collection and choose what music they would like played. Luca explains that most of the collection he brought with him from Italy with the idea to create a different ambience. The collection is vast and includes music from Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Status Quo, among many others. We also have a choice of “chill out” music so depending on the time and clientele the music can vary greatly.  We have one regular customer who lives here who has brought in his own vinyl collection for others to listen to and enjoy, so yes very successful.

LBRA. How easy/difficult have you found setting up a business in Lanzarote, and any pitfalls for anyone planning to open a business?

Alchemistry. Well they laugh at this, with their backgrounds in law, economics and businesses management; if they had had problems then they would have been doing something wrong. But seriously the main thing was to find the right premises and then everything came together.

They wanted to design the bar themselves and did most of the reform work themselves, alongside professionals to ensure everything was correct. The main concern was how people would respond to the product. They knew they had a good quality product but how would people react to it, fortunately so far the results have been good, with people tying and liking the whole concept. It’s not just a cocktail bar, its an experience. Their advice is it is hard work but remain focused, and try not to stress, this is Lanzarote accept its lifestyle.

LBRA. So your business is Cocktails and wines will you be expanding on that?

Alchemistry. We plan to host regular events for wine and degustaciones, places will have to be reserved in advance but the idea is to give people the opportunity to enjoy quality wine and food tastings, the focus is on exploring the flavours and savouring the moment, rather than just consuming vast amounts.

LBRA. Is Lanzarote meeting your expectations?

Alchemistry. Yes and more so it has everything you want, it is a busy island but not overly busy like its neighbours Gran Canaria and Tenerife. How could you not enjoy living and working in front of the sea, the relaxing pace, the sun and the climate and its multicultural we love it.

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LBRA. What if any changes would you like to see in Lanzarote?

Alchemistry. Not many changes but we would like to see more fresh and new inventive businesses coming to the island that could help improve its image.

LBRA. How do you like to relax?

Alchemistry. Luca. Before we had the business I had a very busy social life, went to the gym and was very active, now as we work 6 days my free time is spent (he laughs) sleeping and watching TV.

Manlio. Previoulsy I spent a lot of time at the beach, surfing, juggling flares with friends but now it is impossible. Now I like to relax with a beer, eat at my favourite restaurant, which is a tiny restaurant in the port of Arrecife only 4 tables, no menus, just whatever is fresh that day (we have the location so we can try but with only 4 tables we cannot share it) haha

Gianmarco. I like to find the natural Lanzarote, back to nature, exploring off the track, the reef and surfing.

LBRA. What next any future plans?

Alchemistry. Yes we have a project ongoing that will see our outside space increase. We are building a stage area where we can have live music and more seating that will include chill out sofa’s and beds etc. It should be finished within weeks and we are really exciting about it as it will be a totally relaxed area which combined with some great music, should provide another new and unique venue for Lanzarote.

LBRA. Any think you would like to add?

Alchemistry. Just that we hope people will come and meet us and enjoy the cocktails and the happy and relaxed atmosphere that we have hopefully created. Listen to some good music and just enjoy and be happy, that would make us happy.

LBRA. We would like to say thanks to the guys Manlio, Luca and Gianmarco, for their time and having watched them at work we can see that each have their individual experiences and  skills and that together they make a great team, each determined to play a part that links the business together.


On a final note of recommendation to the bar, on the day we were there a couple arrived who were staying in Puerto del Carmen, they had come across on the ferry and having seen there was a Molecular Cocktail Bar had decided to postpone their return trip to later so they could try the cocktails. We spoke to them and they said that they were actually experts in molecular cocktails and that wherever they travelled in the world they always tried them and that the ones they had in Alchemistry were amongst the best they had tried and that the complementary tapas were excellent and complimented the cocktails perfectly. They said they were happy to be included in the interview and they were delighted that they had decided to stay longer and try the cocktails as the experience was a highlight of their holiday. We think they and we shall be visiting again soon.

Alchemistry is open Tuesday – Sunday 2.00pm – late

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