SOURCE and PHOTOGRAPHY: canarias7.es and Centro de Datos

Between January and July, more than 1.98 million visitors passed through the Cabildo Art, Culture and Tourism Centers, according to the entity’s accounts released by the Data Center. The value represents an increase of 21.1% compared to the entries cataloged in the first seven months of 2022.

Particularly noteworthy is the note from last month, spectacular, since in July the level of 356,000 visitors was exceeded, one of the highest values ever. The counterpoint was dated at the end of January, with less than 262,000 visitors in the first month.

With what has already been specified and given the trend, with August probably above July, it seems feasible that 2023 can be completed with 3.5 million tickets, at least, counting on the six references where access to the space is charged.

Mountains and Jameos

This year, Las Montañas del Fuego and Los Jameos del Agua are almost on par, with forecasts in both cases of exceeding the level of one million visits at the end of the year. Up to July, about 523,000 onlookers passed through the first space; while there were just over 502,000 in the second.

The Cueva de Los Verdes was an attraction for more than 335,000 visitors until the end of July; while almost 292,000 tickets were added to El Mirador del Río. In addition, Jardín de Cactus and Castillo de San José, respectively, recorded close to 283,400 and almost 49,200 visits.