The second boat of the week arrived this morning at about 00.00 hours to the northern town of Órzola. So far 12 immigrants have been located,  of which 6 claim to be minors and two are women. 


Apparently and according to the Civil Guard, some 4 immigrants knocked on the door of a neighbor from the northern town requesting him to make a phone call , subsequently fleeing.


The Autonomous Center for Coordination of the Red Cross in the Canary Islands (CAC), coordinated with the Coordination Center for Emergencies and Security 1-1-2 (CECOES), activated the Emergency Immediate Response Team (ERIE) in the field of humanitarian aid to immigrants to collaborate in the intervention of the arrival of a boat to Órzola, after the Civil Guard’s warning. 



After the warning of this neighbor, the Civil Guard immediately activated the device who around 00: 45h detected two people of Maghrebi origin in the town, wearing wet clothes, which could correspond to an uncontrolled arrival of immigrants, intercepting more late a total of 12. So far it has not been possible to locate the boat. 


Last Tuesday, November 27, another illegal boat arrived with  24 immigrants, of whom 14 said they were minors , among which is a girl of about four years old and a woman, both of whom have been transferred to the hospital for protocol reasons.