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Another Sunday of massive arrival of airplanes at the César Manrique

This Sunday will become another special day for the Lanzarote Guacimeta-César Manrique airport. The maximum number of aircraft movements will be exceeded since the pandemic began with the arrival of 56 operations, a figure that had not occurred since March 2019, the date that the coronavirus emerged causing Covid-19. In total during the weekend a total of 108 operations will be accumulated.


All the aircraft come from the main airports in Europe and the Spanish peninsula. The planes coming from Great Britain, from cities such as London, Manchester, Dublin or Glasgow should be highlighted, which gives some hope to the sector given that it is the main client of the Islands. Furthermore,  this figure does not include aircraft from other islands, whose traffic has also increased.


According to industry sources, we are still below pre-pandemic levels, but airplanes, in general, are landing with between 65% and 75% occupancy. Of course, they recognize that joy is beginning to be noticed in tourist areas that were so badly hit until barely two months ago, many of them with all their lodging establishments closed. Currently, in the establishments that are open, the occupancy reaches 75%.


This is the ratio of flights per hour that arrive this Sunday on the island: Madrid 8: 40,10: 15,13: 05,16: 40 and 18:05, Asturias 8:40, Santiago 8:40 and 14:45 , Valencia 8:50 and 13:15, Bilbao 9:00 and 14:25, Barcelona 9:20, 18:55 and 19:40, Luxembourg 9:20, Milan 9:25, Hannover 9:45 Tui, Cardiff 9 : 55 Tom, Exeter 9:55 Tom, Frankfurt 9:55 and 16:30 last Tui, Bologna 10: 00, Doncaster 10:15 Tom, Glasgow 10:30 Tom and 16:10 Jet2, Dublin 10: 35,18: 20 and 21:10 last Tom, London 10: 35,11: 15,11: 50 this Easyjet, 14:25 Jet2,16: 15 and 20:30 last Tom, Manchester 10:40 Tom, 10: 55,11: 30 East Easyjet and 14:55, Nottingham 10:50 Jet2 and 12:20 Kandersteg-Zurich 11:15, Birmingham 11:20 Tom and 19:50 Jet2, Bristol 14:20 Jet2 and 19:35 Tom, Belfast 15:45 Jet2, Düsseldorf 16:45 Tui, Munich 16:50 Tui, Seville 17:05, Brussels 17:15, Stuttgart 17:20 Tui, Amsterdam 17:25, Shannon 18:10, Leeds 19:25 Jet2 and Newcastle 19:50 Jet2