The maritime links between Arrecife and Corralejo are retaken and will be more pleasant from now on. A new catamaran will link the island capital with the neighboring island. In fact, the ramp tests that are being carried out at Ferry Alcántara 2 at Corralejo dock seem to be, in the absence of confirmation from the shipping company, the recovery of the line that had been suspended.   According to the information published in the newspaper , the route “will last as long as the annual stranded ferry that currently runs the route Corralejo – Playa Blanca.” The Alcantara does not fit in the dock of Playa Blanca and Armas offers this alternative line.   The catamaran, which is part of the high-speed fleet of Armas – Trasmediterránea, was making the route from the city of Malaga to Melilla and was previously covering the line between Mallorca and Menorca. 78.60 meters in length, capacity for 575 people and 120 vehicles are the arguments of this boat that reaches a speed of 30 knots.   The length of the ship, which was testing docking at the Port of Corralejo this morning, leaves no room for maneuver at the dock of Playa Blanca so it is suspected that the line is another port of destination in Lanzarote. Arrecife would be the candidate and the route could be covered in one hour.   The Corralejo Arrecife line already existed in the 80s, with the legendary Alisur, and passenger traffic between the two islands seems to demand a route of these characteristics.  

Improvements in comfort

  The ship has a cafeteria bar, shop, and above all is absolutely respectful with people with reduced mobility.