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The city of Arrecife will join in September the actions in favor of sustainable mobility, convened throughout Europe between days 16 and 25 . The councils of Environment, Mobility and Citizen Participation have joined efforts to strengthen the commitment to sustainable modes of transport, which reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and turn the urban environment into a more habitable and qualified space.


To this end and on the occasion of the International Day Without Cars, which takes place on September 22 , the Councilor for Mobility of the Consistory, Inodelvia Torres, encourages residents to dispense with private vehicles for walking, cycling or using public transport.


“As usual for years, the lines of municipal buses will be free throughout the day on Saturday, a small bonus for regular travelers and an invitation to the rest of the neighborhood to check the innumerable advantages of public transport” , he argues.


In addition, the Department of Environment coordinated by Tomás Fajardo has organized a route by bike by the marina, which will depart from the MIAC Castillo de San José at 10 in the morning, with stops to interpret the heritage and natural values ​​at a rhythm of pedaling . The activity is free and only requires punctuality at the start, a sustainable vehicle, hat, water and desire to enjoy a different tomorrow.


Conditioning Project of the Maritime Avenue of Arrecife


Also in the framework of the actions of the European Week of Mobility, a project of Conditioning of the Maritime Avenue of Arrecife will be presented. It is a light intervention, with paint and urban furniture, which aims to encourage the reduction of the speed of specific traffic to which circulation is allowed and invite people to occupy that space, pedestrian priority.


The mayor Eva de Anta, who defends that the transformation of Arrecife is to recover the public space for citizenship, invites the entire population to the presentation of the project, which will take place on Tuesday, September 25, from seven o’clock in the afternoon at the House of Culture “Agustín de La Hoz”.


In the previous days there will be meetings and direct consultations with associations of merchants in the area, cultural entities located in its vicinity, neighbors and other agents involved, to detail the objectives and characteristics of the work and know their opinion about the work