Lanzarote is a pioneer in the Canary Islands of this system. It is not ruled out that it is transferred to the rest of the municipalities

“It seems very good that the administrations remember us.” His name is John, he is blind and he uses the taxi in Arrecife every day. From now on you can make your journeys in the different taxis of the capital of Lanzarote in a more comfortable and safe way, as Arrecife taxis have adapted their vehicles for blind people.


“I usually take the taxi and, well, as I told you, the administrations remember us, this is a way that makes our lives easier,” says John.


Through this Braille system you can identify the license plate of the car you are in, as well as the license or contact telephone number.


“Apart from the security that gives that person to know in which car it goes and who takes it, it is especially important the availability of a contact phone number to know at all times if it has any incidence in that vehicle and to be able to solve it, from an object lost to an invoice or anything else that he needs precisely from that taxi driver who moved him from one place to another, “explained Manuel Guillén, president of the Arrecife Taxi Cooperative.


“Most of the people who have climbed into the taxis that now have that identification have congratulated us, they have told us that it is a tremendously good initiative, we practically work to achieve greater transparency in our profession, and we want to be as fair as possible. all customers who get into our taxis, “he adds.


According to Guillén, the taxi from Arrecife has been “a pioneer in the Canary Islands in having this system that arose from the municipal regulations of Arrecife that required the taxi driver with a vehicle for people with reduced mobility (PRM) to have the rates in Braille. with this company from Madrid that made us the fares because we also made the identification stickers for all the taxis in Arrecife that want to adapt to them, which as I mentioned are the majority, some are missing because they changed vehicles and the license plates have to be changed too but I believe that in two or three weeks we already have them all “.


Lanzarote is a pioneer in this system throughout the Canary Islands. It is not ruled out that it extends to the rest of the municipalities of the island.