The Presidents of the Tourism Employers of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, Susana Pérez and Antonio Hormiga, shows their satisfaction for the good disposition shown by the different representatives of the parliamentary groups of the Canarian Coalition, Popular Party and PSOE before the proposed amendments proposed to the amendment of the law by the oriental tourist bosses.


Pérez and the president of Asofuer, Antonio Hormiga, presented yesterday a series of suggestions aimed at establishing a definitive solution for accommodations that meet the quality requirements of the modality of tourist villas and are located in tourist areas. A quality tourist product, very demanded and that, for 20 years, generates an important economic activity, mainly in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. At this point, they highlight that the activity “produces around 86 million euros in revenue from billing, offers accommodation to a high-end customer who spends around 38% more than a hotel or apartment, an average stay is higher. In addition, several judgments of the Courts of the Canary Islands, have forced the island councils to recognize these villas as tourist, “they insisted, in this area they proposed modifying articles 31 and 32 of the aforementioned law.


Among the suggestions also proposed to extend the term of regulation of the expiration of rights to the granting of prior authorizations to new places of accommodation, hotel and extra-hotel derived from the authorization of building renovation projects. In this way, they defended that “it is possible to avoid the speculation that can derive from a reduced term of five years in favor of a more sustainable development”.


Likewise, it was advocated by a new urban planning of the villas and the transformation of residential uses into villas with the purpose of “making a tourist use, within the modality of tourist villas, of those residential, isolated or paired homes, that comply with the standards of tourist accommodation. ” Thus, it is proposed to modify the definition of villa and villa classification.


After the round of meetings, and the commitment on the part of the representatives of the parliamentary groups, the presidents of Asolan and Asofuer showed their satisfaction for the good reception of the proposals made “because they are reasonable and will allow to solve a wide and demanded activity that generates wealth and employment. “


The round of meetings will continue with Nueva Canarias and other groups.