The Law of Canary Islands Renewal and Modernization of Tourism could include a new amnesty for the illegal tourist resort if the Popular Party finally gets enough support for the amendments that reflect this approach.


With regard to this issue, the president of the PP in Lanzarote, parliamentary and popular councilor in the City of Arrecife said Monday in The Atelier of Lancelot Radio, in 90.2 FM. “We are not trying to add fuel to the political debate … it is rather common sense, we are going to propose a regularization of the economic activities and economic sectors really existing,” he says.

For Pérez, it is not only that the legislature has passed without addressing this problem, “it is that it has passed without really addressing any issue,” he says. “On the part of the advice has not been spoken of the plans of tourist modernization, it is not wanted to know nothing of the vacation decree, it is not wanted to know anything of the Law of Modernization … we have passed without pain and without glory, something that is a pity , especially considering that we had a counselor from Lanzarote, “he says. “We, from the PP, are developing a series of amendments to the draft of the law with common sense, and a lot of practicality. There are many non-hotel establishments and villas that are doing an economic activity, with hardly paying taxes due to their illegality. We have to reflect on the reality of tourist homes that exist in the Canary Islands and consider something that is common sense. I imagine it will be debated in 2019. “


Perez assures that the level of execution of the Tourism area in the Canary Islands Government is very low. “It gives the impression that there has been no area of ​​Tourism in this term. We started badly, with a counselor also from Lanzarote, and we continued the same bad, “he says. “None of the great challenges we had pending have been accomplished.”