Earlier this year we were asked by Arrecife School IES ZONZAMAS if any of our intercambio attendees would like to go to the school to meet students and talk to them informally in English.

We had 12 volunteers and over a very pleasant breakfast we had a very successful morning chatting generally with the students. Following this we were asked if the LBA would be prepared to give a business presentation to a number of students, giving them an idea of what it is like to set up and operate a business both here and in the UK. We volunteered Danny, and he gave a very interesting and informative presentation, followed by a question and answer session.

The teachers were most enthusiastic in their praise and said that they and the students had enjoyed the presentation immensely, and thanked Danny for the extremely informative and interesting presentation. We have again been invited to visit the school to talk informally with the students, in English. If anyone is interested in joining us then please let us know.

One of the teachers from the IES Zonzamas commented:

“We were pleased to welcome the LBA president, Daniel Trigg who gave a talk to the students. He transmitted to them the strong need to be creative, ambitious and hard-working if they wish to succeed in any aspect of life. An encouraging reflection to youngsters who have the opportunity to change the shape of their future.

No more to say than THANK YOU  we look forward to meeting you again and go on with our newborn relationship.”