It seemed that the time was never going to come, but yes, starting next week, specifically on Monday, May 25 , it will be possible to go to the beach in Lanzarote, keeping, yes, the safety distances.

The Order published on Saturday in the BOE indicates that, during phase 2, the transit and stay on the beaches will be allowed, always maintaining a minimum safety distance of at least two meters, or, failing that, alternative protection measures. physical, hand hygiene and respiratory label (mask).


“Bathers must make a responsible use of the beach, both from an environmental and a sanitary point of view, complying with the recommendations and standards established by the health authorities,” the order states.



“Likewise, the practice of sports, professional or recreational activities is allowed, provided they can be carried out individually and without physical contact, allowing a minimum distance of two meters to be maintained between the participants,” the order in the BOE details.