The tourist sector of the island of Lanzarote is puzzled by the decree published this Monday in the Official State Gazette, and which will be effective as of this Friday, which states that all travelers arriving in Spain from abroad must quarantine the 14 days after arrival.


In other words, any person from another country upon arrival in Spain must remain at their home or accommodation, and may only leave it in certain cases, such as the purchase of food, medicine, or cases of force majeure, exits in which it will be mandatory wearing a mask.


This information has baffled the tourism sector in Lanzarote, which until now was unaware of the information, but who see notable contradictions with the Sánchez de-escalation plan and wonder why they allow hotels to be opened if tourists are to be quarantined and who will want to come to Spain in these conditions.



The possibility that they are considering is that this rule only affects in this first phase of the plan and they want to know how long this decree will be in force.