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With thanks to Brits in Spain

Thanks to everyone who joined our live Q&A. We’ll be posting a document with answers to the FAQs in due course. Meanwhile, here are links to some websites we mentioned during the session:

Living in Spain guide: Essential information for any UK national living in Spain, including residency, healthcare, driving licences and more. And don’t forget to sign up for email alerts:

Spanish government Brexit website in both a deal and no deal scenario, plus further information on residency on the Labour, Migrations and Social Security site:

Travel advice pages which will be updated with any change in entry requirements for long-term visitors:

Passport checker, in a no deal scenario, UK nationals travelling to Spain will need to ensure their passport has at least 6 months’ validity on it:

General Brexit information for residents in and visitors to the EU:

Advice on how to prepare your business for Brexit:

Detail on student finance in a no-deal scenario: