I´ve just learnt, thanks to a very well informed (and generous) friend, that there is a small cinema with about 20 seats upstairs at La Cantina Restaurant in La Villa de Teguise.
They show films in English and foreign films in their original language.

On Friday 11th March we´ll have the chance to see a film and help SARA at the same time. All proceeds from the film will go to SARA on that night.

The film “Bombón, el perro” is on at 7pm and 9.30pm on Friday 11th.

What´s the film about?
97 mins / 2009 / Carlos Sorin / Argentina/Spain
Spanish with English Subtitles

An unemployed mechanic adopts a large white dog called Bombon. Luckily for him, it turns out to be a prize pure bred which might earn him some money. Man and dog set out on a wonderful road trip through Patagonia. Pure Gold.

Facebook page: secretcinemateguise

To find out more and get the month´s programme please send an email to secretcinemateguise@gmail.com
Please take it into account that it may be busy so it´s a good idea to email them to reserve tickets.