The Cabildo of Lanzarote, in conjunction with the City of Tinajo, has made some recommendations and given some tips for all those for the next few days, specifically the September 17, that decide to go to parties of Dolores in Mancha Blanca. Both institutions have reported on the Self-Defense and Safety Plan, state and sections of roads, safe routes for pilgrims, scheduled special services buses, and made some recommendations on road safety for the pilgrimage.
Los Dolores
The Minister of Safety and Emergency and President of the Consortium, Monica Alvarez, has detailed that the pilgrimage will begin at 08:00 am on Saturday, September 17 and end at 08:00 on Sunday September 18.

In terms of safe routes for pilgrims, Councilman Tinajo and responsible for Security, Antonio Morales, explained that recommended ways to be closed to traffic from the in one direction on the 14th and 17th in both, as the L-56 La Geria, the L-58 of Masdache La Vegueta, the LZ-409 Mozaga La Vegueta, and the LZ-46 La Vegueta Mancha Blanca.
Los Dolores
Similarly, Sergio Machin, Minister of Public Works of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, explained that the LZ-20 Tinajo Tiagua to be open and operational during the pilgrimage with horizontal and vertical signage, “as it is yet to finish road work. ” Therefore, Machin has recommended that all the pilgrims who pass through there, to “take precautions and care for the existing signage.”

Public Transport
The Minister of Transport of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, Angel Vazquez, has emphasized the use of public transport on these days, especially on Saturday 17 day of the pilgrimage, “avoiding car trips if possible” . The Minister explained that during this Thursday there will be a special buses that will depart at 18:00 from the Arrecife Bus Station, through the San Bartholome and arrival at Mancha Blanca. The return on this holiday will take place at 21:00.

For the great day of the pilgrimage, buses will leave from Arrecife every hour from 14:00 to 24:00, with returns from Mancha Blanca that day from 17:00 to 24:00. The return on Sunday, will be held from 01:00 am and 2.30 am to 7.00 pm, every half hour .

The total price is 3 euros, which includes the return journey. From the area of Transport also advised to take the exact price of the ticket and “comply with preventive behavior and respect for others.”