The haze has come from yesterday to stay also today in Lanzarote. A blanket of earth coming from the Sahara entered by the south doing that with the increase of the temperatures the sensation of embarrassment is much greater. This dust in suspension has also decreased visibility in about 3 kilometers, so much caution for drivers on the roads. Today, temperatures have increased by an average of 6 degrees throughout the island, although they may reach 30 degrees, especially in areas of the interior of the island.



This time of heat affects especially allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people with anxiety problems. For the rest of diseases, according to Dr. Fernando Jiménez, what it does is increase what we already have, although it could also affect stomach problems. Among the recommendations of the doctor is to hydrate a lot drinking water and close the windows of the houses to prevent the earth from entering.


According to the delegate of the State Agency of Meteorology, Jesús Agüera, tomorrow, Thursday, the weather will change changing the north wind and increasing the cloudiness.


From Friday the temperatures will drop a little, but keeping the good weather for the whole Holy Week in Lanzarote. A pleasant day that gives us the entrance to the spring auq