Calima returns to Lanzarote this Monday accompanied by a sunny day, according to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency. While 18 Spanish provinces are on cold alert, in Lanzarote we will enjoy temperatures that, although cold for what we are used to, do not fall below 14 degrees. 


Today, the haze has been installed without knowing when it will leave. The skies are not very cloudy or clear with some intervals of high clouds at the last hours. Minimum temperatures with few changes on the 14 degrees and maximum of 21 in light to moderate ascent, more significant in areas of the interior.



Moderate northeast wind, with intervals of strong at the beginning, turning to component this loose to moderate at the beginning of the morning and with predominance of the southeast in central hours.


Yesterday, Sunday, the alert for coastal phenomena that was in effect in the Canary Islands since Saturday was deactivated, remaining in pre-alert until this morning when it has also been finalized.