The Aemet forecast for Monday, December 31, last day of the year, a clear day, with alternating high clouds and haze, more abundant in the afternoon, as well as temperatures with few changes or slight rise.

The wind, will be protagonist in this last night of the year, according to the Aemet that forecasts wind of the southeast of weak to moderate, with intervals of strong in the Graciosa and also in the rest of the island, affecting especially to the north zone, to the south and to the west and interior coast.

For January 1, a clear day is expected, alternating with intervals of high clouds, temperatures similar to those of this Monday, with a maximum of 21 degrees and a minimum of 14 degrees, and also the presence of haze.


Nor will the wind that will be from the southeast wind down to the east at the end of the day, with strong intervals in La Graciosa, north and south, and interior of the island.