Slight U turn on masks

Thanks to Lancelot Digital – published last night – Can you sunbathe without a mask?

Today, we published the news of the obligation to go to the beach with a mask. This is how the BOE collects it and sticking to those published in the Official State Gazette itself, interpersonal distance was no longer an “excuse” for not wearing a mask:

“Interpersonal distance will no longer be decisive for wearing the mask. The Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes this Tuesday a law that requires wearing the mask in any public space, regardless of the distance at which other people are “


However, many people wondered then if they had to go to the beach with a mask or sunbathe with it on , for example. At that point, the uproar has been great in a large part of the population who do not understand the little logic of this law.


Lancelot Digital has contacted the competent official bodies to confirm that the situation “is the same as in summer, but the distance has nothing to do with it, not before and not now.”


In addition, they assure us from the Health of the Government of the Canary Islands that “on the beach you do not have to use a mask to sunbathe, but to be seated all day in a group of people who do not live together, which is the usual thing.”


Where is the confusion born?


“The wording of the article on the use of the mask has changed, which in RD-law 21/2020 of June 9, said that the use of the mask was mandatory when the safety distance of 1.5 m cannot be guaranteed. Now in Law 2/2021 of March 28, it says that its use is mandatory even when the safety distance is guaranteed. That is the difference, “they tell us from Health.




In short and to simplify it. You have to keep wearing the mask on the beach to go for a walk or to get to the towel when we park. Once there, if we are in a group, we must wear it. If we are alone or with a cohabiting person sunbathing, NO . Neither obviously for the bathing.