Canal Gestión forced to turn off the tap now in Tías, Mácher and San Bartolomé



No choice. Either the use of water is rationalized by cutting off here and opening up there, or the inhabitants of Lanzarote are going to have a hard time this summer. For now, it is almost a miracle that, between the recurring failures on a daily basis, the large losses in the Network and the decrease in production of 10,000 cubic meters per day after the partial rupture of Lanzarote III, the island is being supplied more or less.


However, the situation is uneven. Canal Gestión, in agreement with the Water Consortium, has had no choice but, given all these inconveniences to which must be added the fact that we are in August (the month in which the most water is consumed throughout the year), rationalize the supply of the liquid element. The situation is complicated, the causes are simple: more water is consumed than is produced by the island’s desalination plants


In fact this Tuesday, Canal Gestión Lanzarote and the Lanzarote Water Consortium have announced that  since early this morning it has been necessary to interrupt the supply in the towns of San Bartolomé, Tías and Mácher in order to level the deposits in the area .


At the moment, and at this time, there is no area that is subject to pressure or flow management maneuvers, so the rest of the island must receive a regular supply. On the other hand, and for the same reason, the supply that farms should receive on Tuesdays is interrupted.  Thus, the affected agricultural areas are: El Monte, La Costa-Tajaste, (Tinajo), Temisa (Haría)