Canal Gestión warns this Tuesday that there will be water cuts in many areas of the island during the Immaculate Bridge due to a breakdown in the electricity supply. On their website they point out that “as a result of an electrical incident beyond the control of Canal Gestión Lanzarote, since yesterday afternoon the production of drinking water on the island has been totally affected. For this reason and given the significant drop in the reserves of the main tanks, the flow in the supply of several areas of Lanzarote has been reduced, so subscribers may notice less water, less pressure and even in some places, no supply.”


The areas that currently have a minimum supply are: Haría, Máguez, Punta Mujeres, Arrieta, Guatiza, Nazaret, Tahíche, Teguise, Famara, La Santa, Tiagua, Soo, Muñique, Tías, Mácher, Conil, La Asomada , Yaiza, Uga.


This situation also entails the total suspension of all agricultural supplies.


“As the work being carried out in the plants to restore activity progresses and the situation may change, it will be realized in this same way.”


The website itself warns that “the supply situation in Lanzarote and La Graciosa is in a complex situation. The reduction of 10,000 m³ in daily production due to the stoppage of one of the Lanzarote III racks – which has been out of service -, the continuous breakages and incidents that are recorded daily in the distribution network – an average of 10,000 per year and more than 56% of uncontrolled water – as a consequence of its obsolescence, and the logical increase in demand is causing suspensions and anomalies in the drinking water supply service for domestic use, and also in agricultural supply.