Canarian Senators Jorge Alberto Rodriguez, Antonio Alarco, Mariano Hernandez, Maria Auxiliadora Perez, Hipolito Suarez, Claudio Gutierrez, Joel Delgado and Maria Isabel Garcia Luis have shown their satisfaction for the incorporation in the next PGE for the year 2018, the bonus of 75 % of the price of passenger transport in the Canary Islands; on all journeys between the islands and the rest of the territory of the State.

Isabel García Luis has assured that this “is good news for the Canarians and shows that President Rajoy’s commitment to the Canary Islands is more alive than ever”. He then insisted that it would not be understandable that Canarian deputies and senators with responsibilities in Madrid “would not support some PGE by 2018 that benefit, as never before, the 88 municipalities of the Canary Islands and their more than 2,100,000 inhabitants of the Islands” .

The text of the initiative that this Wednesday has been approved in the Senate, also contemplates the need to continue working to guarantee the connectivity and mobility of all the people who reside in the Canary Islands. It proposes to continue promoting subsidies and bonuses for the transport of the insular ones.

García Luis recalled that “they are the most social budgets in the history of our country, as long as the Canary Islands government knows how to manage them”. To conclude, the popular senator has asked all Canarian deputies and senators of all political formations to support the accounts for 2018 “because not doing so would be irresponsible, considering how positive they are for the eight islands and the increase in more than 1,500 million euros in these accounts for the Canary Islands “