The Canarias closed 2018 with the highest hotel profitability in Spain and the highest efficiency score in its tourism model, according to the Monitur report from the Exceltur management.

The Canarian archipelago has the best data of RevPAR, the best and most important indicator used by the industry, which measures the income per available room.

It is also the one that generates the most tourist income per accommodation plant, but not, on the other hand, the Spanish region with the highest total revenue, which Catalonia achieves.

Canarias also emphasizes, according to the report, for its protection of the territory, something that it does better than anyone else, as well as social media marketing or the use of multimedia instruments. In addition, it has achieved excellence in air connectivity management or inter-administrative coordination. The pending subjects, on the other hand, focus on the attractiveness of public spaces, the development of greenways and the agility in administrative management or the adequacy of tourist regulations.