The appearance of the tricolor flag has left no one indifferent 

The video of the World Cup starring Jason Derulo has been a million times reproduced on the Internet after its launch for the sports competition in Russia, but surely the Canaries are the most we have seen when the tricolor flag appears in one of the scenes .

The curious image has made trending topic the music video filling the social networks of cartoons as some that very sarcastically said that the song of the World Cup was “I like the flag” and other jokes. 



Although the canaries have been “bloated” when we have seen this spontaneous appearance, other voices criticize the appearance of the flag of a community, the only one by the way, that the Spanishthat only appears at the beginning.


The truth is that this is one of the most anticipated sporting events that are held every four years with all the world selections that are being eliminated, Canarias also has its small representation with island flavor in the contest of the best players that will move in June to Russia.