The Canary Islands good weather is the feature of the new tourism campaign launched by the regional government to promote the Islas Canarias brand.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Ricardo Fernández de la Puente commented that over 90% of visitors quote this as one of their main motivations for choosing the Archipelago as a holiday destination during the presentation of the new campaign.

Relaxation and escaping a stressful life is the key strategy underpinning the new promotional model with the slogan Latitude of Life which will be marketed in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Spain and France, encouraging their residents to visit the Canary Islands for their holidays.

Regional President Paulino Rivero received spontaneous applause during the middle of his speech when he once again voiced his opposition to the oil prospecting around the coasts of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura by saying

“How can we promote our diversity if a bit beyond our sight there is an industry that spoils our future”.

These two videos are part of the campaign, the first explains the favourable climate in the Canary Islands and the second is a message in Spanish with English subtitles with a message from Lanzarote.