After the debate opened within the European Union regarding whether or not to apply the time changes in winter and summer, the Canary Islands Government has expressed its wish that the Archipelago continue to maintain one hour less than the one that governs in the rest of the national territory.   The president of the Canarian executive, Fernando Clavijo, has stated that if Spain decides, as Europe advises, to have a single schedule, the Canary Islands will request to continue maintaining the current time difference.   In any case, it is necessary to specify that we talk about two different things. One is that we have a single schedule, do not change it in summer or winter, and another is what time will you choose to have Spain. Not only if the current summer or winter, but if we adapt to the time that corresponds to us by the meridian in which we are. Bone, the same time as Portugal and London.   The cameras of Lancelot Television have gone out to the street and the feeling of the people surveyed is that the changes of time can be harmful for them to sleep and the best enjoyment of leisure.   On the other hand, all those consulted also consider that for the Canary Islands it is a promotional bonus to continue having one hour less than the one that ends up being adopted for the Peninsula.   For its part, the Government of the Canary Islands defends that the current situation of “one hour less in the Canary Islands” is very positive for the Archipelago considering it an identity element, although it considers that it will be necessary to study if there could be side effects on the habits and health of the canaries, once Spain decides what time it chooses.