The economic recovery that the Island has been experiencing gradually since the restrictions imposed by the pandemic have been eased, as the population’s vaccination levels have advanced, has been reflected again in the month’s data of January of this year provided by National Airports (AENA) related to the César Manrique-Lanzarote Airport, which is echoed by the Cabildo Data Center.


Thus, the number of passengers who passed through the airport facilities located in Guasimeta last month amounted to 406,115 , 380% more than in January 2021; the number of air operations rose to 4,351 , 156% more than a year ago; and the volume of goods transported rose to 50,364 kilos , 55% more than in January of the previous year. Spectacular increases that are a continuation of those that the Lanzarote aerodrome has been experiencing since last summer.


However, these figures are still far from those reached in the first month of the year in the times preceding the pandemic, such as the 528,733 passengers, 4,518 operations and 104,908 kilos of merchandise in January 2020 or the 569,287 passengers, 5,108 operations. flights and 128,768 kilos of merchandise transported in the Lanzarote airport in January 2019.


It is worth remembering the annual data reflected by the César Manrique-Lanzarote Airport in the last five years:


2021: 3,438,407 passengers, 38,740 air operations and 498 tons of merchandise

2020: 2,538,338 passengers, 30,056 air operations and 583 tons of merchandise

2019: 7,292,720 passengers, 60,524 air operations and 1,346 tons of merchandise

2018: 7,327,019 passengers, 60,955 air operations and 1,607 tons of merchandise

2017: 7,389,025 passengers, 59,476 air operations and 1,825 tons of merchandise