Neither the war in Ukraine, nor the rise in fuel prices, stops the arrival of planes at the César Manrique airport. Specifically, this Saturday a total of 73 flights are expected, specifically four from Paris, two from Bordeaux, four from Madrid, one from Marseille, two from Santiago, another two from Nante, a flight from Strasbourg, one from Toulouse, another from Brussels, a flight from Barcelona; another from Basel-Mulhouse; two from Cork and two from Glasgow.


In addition, one flight is expected from Doncaster, two from Bristol, one from Amsterdam; another from Stuttgart; four from Manchester; two from Birmingham; two from Düsseldorf; two from Nottingham; another from Rotterdam; six from London, two from Lyon; one from Vienna; four flights from Dublin; two from Bilbao and another two from Oslo; one from Seville, another from Malaga and another from Copenhagen.


A flight from Frankfurt will also arrive; another from Eindhoven; a flight from Bratislava; two from Brussels; two from Milan; a flight from Catowice; another from Belfast; a flight from Leeds; another from Newcastle; a flight from Edinburgh; one from Liverpool and finally one from Warsaw late at night.