Thanks to DIGITAL LANCELOTThe quarantines of the close contacts of covid are over
Lanzaroteños, like the rest of Spaniards, are in luck since as of March 5, all close contacts of covid, whether or not they are vaccinated, will not have to quarantine if they do not have the disease.
This has been decided by the Public Health Commission, in which the autonomous communities and the Ministry of Health are represented, which, however, has recommended that during the 10 days after the last exposure, close contacts of confirmed cases “extreme the precautions and reduce social interactions as much as possible by consistently wearing the mask and maintaining proper hand hygiene.
“Especially contact with vulnerable people should be avoided,” clarifies the Ministry. Precisely, in this regard, the Public Health Commission has also agreed to issue the recommendation to “extreme preventive measures aimed at protecting the most vulnerable people.”
These quarantines have already been eliminated for vaccinated people a few months ago, although Health recommended limiting their activities outside the home in the 10 days after the last contact with a confirmed case, and insisted on the “constant” use of the mask.
Thus, with 91.1 percent of the Spanish population over 12 years of age vaccinated, it is expected that this measure will benefit, above all, minors between the ages of 5 and 11 , some 3.3 million throughout Spain, with still low vaccination rates.
In schools, this situation became especially serious since with one or two cases of covid, a large part of the class was quarantined.