For many years Telefonica have had the monopoly on land-lines and at times the service they offered left a little to be desired !! With the arrival of BT on the island (via Madrid) it seems that Telefonica have recognised the threat of competion and things are improving.

This week I made calls to both companies as I wish to get a land-line and ADSL installed and wanted to compere the options. On face-value the BT option seemed to be the better deal. But when I called Telefonica I was very impressed not only with the courtious call-handler, but also the wide range of ‘packages’ now on offer. Free calls from land-line to spanish mobiles at the weekend for up to 500 minutes a month and 50 free minutes to national landlines during the week. Router and installation free of charge as I am already a Movistar contract client, and this also means that the ‘deals’ won’t be limited to a 3-month period (per month) – so some serious savings to be made.

I now await a call from a technician to get all this installed which I am assured will happen within 10-days .. watch this space!