The owners of holiday homes in Lanzarote, many middle-class families who have put their second property up for tourist rental, are worried about the twist that the new Canary Islands government wants to take to reduce and limit this type of activity with the announcement 
of a law. The manager of the Canary Islands Vacation Rental Association, Ascav, Javier Martín, pointed out in Café de Periodistas that they are waiting for this Law that may go against the interests of an activity in the hands of small tenants that creates wealth on the islands. “It creates more than 2,000 million euros in the Canary Islands, and makes a contribution to the public coffers, through the IGIC, of more than 140 million.”


ASCAV does not like at all the preamble or justification for issuing this Law with such haste, since it is expected to be approved in the next summer of 2025. It even less likes that it holds vacation rentals responsible for the lack of housing in the Canary Islands. “The arguments of the Canary Islands government hold us responsible for the fact that there is no housing in the Canary Islands when a housing plan has not been drawn up for twenty years, so yes, it worries us.”



Javier Martín recommends that Lanzarote residents attend the meeting-consultation that the Ministry of Tourism has planned to hold on Friday at ten in the morning at the Lancelot Hotel in Arrecife (although initially it was going to be held at the Cabildo). “We will listen to the exposition of reasons that will convey us and will allow us to get an idea of where the legal procedures of the regulations will go,” he says.


Some holiday home owners in Lanzarote hope that the Law limits the holiday housing of large owners who place entire buildings in that regime than the family business of those who have one or two homes intended for holiday-tourism