The Autonomous Government requests citizen collaboration so that these control actions become effective

The Canary Islands Executive announced today, after an extraordinary session of the Governing Council, a series of measures to prevent the extension of the new COVID-19 coronavirus in the Islands, always following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

These are control actions that may vary as the condition of that virus evolves and that have been set by the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System and also established at the meeting of the Canary Islands Executive Committee held today, Wednesday March 11. In this event, the main public administrations of the Islands participated, as is the case of the Canary Islands Federation (Fecai) and the Canarian Federation of Municipalities (Fecam), among other entities and public bodies, also of the Autonomous Government. The Canary Islands Executive requests citizen collaboration so that all these measures become effective.

In this way, during the next 15 days visits to patients admitted to the hospitals of the Canary Islands are restricted and the population is asked not to go to health centers if it is not strictly necessary.

In addition, the rotation of health professionals outside the Islands is suspended, as are the stays of toilets that come from abroad. In addition, both theoretical and practical classes in health centers are suspended for the next 30 days.

On the other hand, the suspension of the activity in clubs or leisure centers for the elderly is also fixed, as well as visits to health centers for the elderly.

Regarding students coming from abroad, from both the Peninsula and the rest of the world with Erasmus or similar programs, it is recommended that they control their symptoms and avoid contacts with older people and / or with a delicate state of health, as well as refrain from attending social or sporting events with a high concentration of public.


School trips are also suspended, both in non-university and university education, which take place outside the Canary territory in the next two months.


Mass events (over 1,000 people) of a sports, social or cultural nature in the next three weeks are suspended, canceled or displaced, depending on the case. They may be maintained in those cases that do not involve a high concentration of people. Each case will be communicated by the competent City Council to the Canary Islands Government and the Ministry of Health, which will analyze it jointly with the Ministry of Health.


The coordination between the Canary Federation of Municipalities (Fecam) and the Canary Islands Federation (Fecai) to know in advance the events of this nature that take place in the Archipelago is essential.