Oswaldo Betancort: “Costa Teguise deserves an avenue of its level”

The mayor of Teguise celebrates the recent award of the works of Paseo de Las Cucharas for 1.63 million euros 




Oswaldo Betancort has celebrated the award of the improvement work of the Paseo de Las Cucharas, and is confident that “the new design of the project promoted by the Ministry of the Canary Islands, and funded in this new tender with 1.63 million euros, suppose that the main avenue of beaches of Costa Teguise becomes a space of leisure and enjoyment for citizens and visitors that is at the height of a destination in constant demographic and economic growth “.


“The town of Costa Teguise is demanding with all of the law a definitive reform of the public space of the Paseo de Las Cucharas”, the mayor of Teguise has considered, “and from now on it will be a municipal necessity, to ensure that the works for the new equipment of playgrounds, toilets and picnic areas that are contemplated in the new project, are carried out in a timely manner during the coming months “.


“We are aware that it will be a nuisance for all those affected, but we could not accept in any way the failed pavement reform that was carried out in its day, now we must look forward and give an opportunity to put this space for daily enjoyment and the celebration of outdoor cultural events, and also strengthen the connections between avenue, beach and business groups in the area, “added Betancort.


The term granted by the Government of the Canary Islands to the UTE formed by the TECOPSA and OPC companies is 40 weeks, during which time the process of improving the public facilities located on tourist land will be carried out, with the objective of strengthening and coordinate the use of commercial, sports and transit so that the Paseo de Las Cucharas is conceived as a transit area, but also for leisure, as indicated by the Ministry coordinated by Isaac Castellano, who pointed out that ” In addition, an increase of 1,000 square meters of new public areas will be promoted , as well as a system of wooden platforms to improve the accessibility, comfort and use of the rocky coastline. “In total, 12,000 square meters will be intervened, currently paved, as well as landscaped spaces, which will perform maintenance, pruning and incorporation of new plant elements.